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A Guide to Ghana Music. One of the world’s fastest growing industry is music industry. African artists have also contributed to the growth of music industry even after dropping their traditional music. One country that has contributed significantly is Ghana through their highlife music. Highlife music is music that is produced using the old Akan rhythms using the western musical instruments. The kind of music has also been beneficial to the Ghanaians in many respects. Here are some of the significance of highlife music to the Ghana society. Highlife music has been mostly used by Ghanaians to pass messages. The music is trendy because very many Ghanaians are in love with its rhythm, text, and melody. The popularity of highlife music in Ghana has been used as a platform for the artist to air their political options and emotions to the Ghanaian society. Some of the songs also contain information about the rules and morals of the Ghanaian and their socials life. Highlife songs have also been used as a platform to use to relay information to the consumers about a particular product by the Ghanaian companies. Therefore, if you want to pass a message to Ghanaians in an entertaining way you should create a highlife music. The only remaining symbol of the old Ghana music is highlife music. The traditional Ghana music was eroded by the introduction of religion and exposure to western music. Highlife songs are the only existing songs in Ghana that has elements of the old music. One of the traditional elements in highlife music is the Akan rhythms. Therefore, if you want to refresh your memory with the old Akan rhythms you should listen to the highlife music.
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Highlife music is also a source of revenue to the artist and the Ghanaian government at large. Highlife is not only listened in Ghana but also the rest of the world. Highlife music lover from different countries usually go to Ghana to attend the live concerts by the highlife artist. The foreigners bring foreign cash into the country boosting its economy. The albums are also selling internationally enriching the music artists. The music is a unifying factor in Ghana since almost all the citizens listen to it.
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One of the primary functions of music is entertainment. Listening to highlife songs is always entertaining because of the unique genre. Highlife music is commonly played in the Ghanaian bars and clubs as a form of entertainment. The singers have also gone ahead and created videos for the songs. Bulk of the dancing in the song is from the traditional Ghanaian dances. Thus, highlife Ghana music is very significant in the Ghanaian society.