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Tips on How to Build Your Own Website Building your own website sounds like a herculean task especially if you haven’t got the necessary experience.Complex websites normally require professional assistance to setup, but the simple basic ones can easily be done by anyone.Website development follows the steps listed below. Get a Host for Your Site It is important that you host your site if you want people to access it.This makes use of a web server, which essentially is where you place all the website resources for access through the internet.There are two options for web hosting.You can choose the free option even though it has limited capabilities.This option is good if you’re starting so that you can test your site before deciding to go for the paid one.The second option is the paid version that is normally good for professional websites. Registering Your Domain Name Part of the address that people type into search engines to locate your website is the domain name.It is recommended that you go for a domain name that people can remember easily.The name is usually bought and registered online, and you may get this service from your web hosting company, making it convenient for you.The cost of doing this is between $8 and $35 per year.
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Design and Build Your Site The use to which you intend to put your site will dictate its design.Personal and company websites as well as information sites all have different designs.Optimizing navigation is also done during design.Visitors are able to easily navigate through a well-designed website.The basics of design that you have to learn include hypertext markup language, cascading style sheets and web page editing. Being able to control your site will require you to learn these basics.
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Publishing and Marketing Publishing is the process of getting the created web pages to your host.There are tools accompanying your hosting service to enable you do that.File transfer protocol is a standard tool used by many to achieve this.You will need to market your website after publishing it.Marketing is done through search engine optimization.The ease with which your site will be located by those seeking your services will be facilitated by SEO.Your site will get many people visiting it once you make it appealing to search engines, as well as conforming to SEO best practices. Maintain Your site For your site to keep working as intended, it needs to be maintained on a regular basis.This will be achieved through constant updating and testing during and after design. This will ensure that it remains relevant for those who want to use it. These simple steps will enable you to get your own website up and running in no time at all.