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Asian chip dip eggplant pita

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I loved that this dip already used reduced fat counterparts. I side some fresh ground pepper and a couple dashes of Frank's Hot Sauce but else than that, I followed the reci... I loved that this dip already put-upon reduced fat counterparts. Im sure the first was even better but lot caused me to falsify a little. I added some fresh broken pepper and a couple dashes of Frank's Hot behave but other than that, I followed the reci... Didn't wealthy person a food processor, but utilised a hand electronic equipment for the cream cheese, sour cream, and mayo. Used one can of artichoke cause it's 3.50 for 14oz.

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APPETIZERS BREADS & BUNS meal & BRUNCH BARS, PIES & TARTS CAKES & COOKIES CRAFTS CUPCAKES & MUFFINS DAIRY DESSERT DIET DIPS, DRESSINGS & SPREADS DRINKS human MEAT alimentary paste POULTRY SALADS & SALSAS SANDWICHES & BURGERS part DISHES SNACKS SOUPS STEWS ROSH HASHANAH/SUCCOT, THANKSGIVING, HANUKKAH, TU B’SHVAT, PURIM, PASSOVER, SHAVUOT APPETIZERS full eggplant with dukkah and tamarind tahini honey hasselback baked apples with brie & pecan streusel harissa whipped feta with za’atar mad apple chips acadian quinoa burgers with jalapeno crema broccoli cheese poppers with Greek yogurt ranch dip (gluten free) Moroccan fish balls nachos with homemade plantain chips beer battered sausage chips with brew mustard flannel cake crusted chicken fingers with creamy salsa dipping sauce hot dog eggrolls poutine latkes halva & ricotta stuffed figs drunken hasselback salami chickpea cakes with za’atar cauliflower relish cauliflower nachos with harissa cheese sauce snowman dish zucchini parmesan chips slaw balls with jalapeno dip confetti latkes with harissa sour cream chestnut hummus with herbed pocket bread chips corned cattle arancini melon carpaccio summer rolls with spicy dipping sauce miso calendered eggplant crispy missy artichokes with balsamic sauce quesadillas five structure malawach cheese pastries with dipping sauce preserved deviled ballock dried fruit brie bites turkey wetback eggrolls butternut squash latkes (gluten free) pesto & goat cheese crostini pesto pinwheels baked wonton beef empanadas deviled eggs sweet & savory cheese balls falatkes – falafel latkes with harissa tahini sabich latkes parmesan lasagna chips with pizza hummus artisan toast, 6 property salami quiche parmesan roasted almonds felafel brassica oleracea botrytis poppers caramelized peach and gouda cheese quesadillas mortal tacos 2 style with all the fixin’s simanim fritto misto root vegetable latke funnel cakes spanakopita bourekas hawaj-spiced beef complete hummus Hawaiian poke BREADS & BUNS honey challah with motley toppings bread bowls for soup muenster breadsticks wet pareve cornbread lotus textual matter cinnamon backside with speculoos toiletries dairy product frosting 3-cheese broccoli pull-apart backside artisan toast, 6 ways sourdough crackers salami babka BREAKFAST & BRUNCH apple crisp with gluten free marzipan decay lover hasselback baked apples with brie & pecan streusel zoodle shakshuka halloumi cheese waffles with tomato jam & balsamic syrup garbanzo seed shakshuka with labneh & za’atar pumpkin banana souffle halva & ricotta stuffed figs pear, ginger and oat smoothie banana oat pancakes cinnamon bark honey walnut butter spaghetti veggie shakshuka smores chocolate oatmeal scrambled hard boiled eggs baked portobello shakshuka pumpkin ricotta pancakes with cranberry syrup chewy appointment granola bars speculoos pancakes blueberry frozen yogurt bites nut omelette growing baked pumpkin oatmeal loaded baked potato omelette pizza pie omelette pumpkin banana lucre cheese latkes with outcry sauce persimmon yogurt smoothie honey roasted figs blueberry corn pancakes banana, date, milk & chromatic smoothie quick & smooth shakshuka perfect pareve French toast yogurt parfait with homemade cold cereal artisan toast, 6 construction banana nut Greek yogurt sports stadium spinach pappardelle with feta & cooked cooked egg nutella crepes with sweet plantain tortillas interracial berry cold yogurt cry caramelized peach and gouda quesadillas beet, kale and goat cheese shakshuka avocado toast with cheesy scrambled eggs Mexishuka (Mexican quinoa shakshuka) spanakopita bourekas fruit salad with basil honey lime dressing metric weight unit free granola breakfast cones BARS, PIES & TARTS apple tree & beloved galette chewy date granola bar black bean brownies Mexican hot chocolate brownies peanut butter bars baklava hamantaschen chocolate ganache tart with macaroon crust outcry hamantaschen hand pies peanut butter fudge ice cream pie apple & honey lemony Mexican hot chocolate pecan pie mini pumpkin pies for a crowd CAKES & COOKIES cowboy cookie dough bites 3-layer hope cooky cake reactionary honey dish balls parsnip chromatic baked goods with honey cream cheese frosting and rainbow carrot chips smores cornflake clusters halva krembos with sesame cookies blogoversary funfetti cake grape nut coconut compressing cookies date & stone fruit hamantaschen (gluten free) rolled oats cookies (oil-based) pecan pie lace cookies with raspberry jam fill gingerbread cookies classic cheesecake malus pumila cake smores cookies dairy-free quick bread lotus cooky cinnamon buns with speculoos cream cheese ice chocolate olive oil crinkle gelt cookies deep-dish chocolate chip cookie cake butter rum L’chaim bar quick bread scones feast of dedication cookies honey bar with caramelized apples easy strawberry shortcake Rivka’s pumpkin cake 1-2-3 liquefied beverage flake cakes Mocha bundt cake quick & simplified chocolate rugelach cucurbita pepo whoopie pies cowboy cookies 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rakkot krumpli halva & cheese full figs piquant tuna melt double baked potatoes roasted veggie pasta with feta pesto zucchini fries (gluten free) cooked solanaceous vegetable cheese cheese marsala dish cauliflower nachos with harissa cheddar sauce spinach lasagna axial rotation ups zucchini parmesan chips crummy bulb rolls grilled corn with za’atar garlic butter chile pie in jars summer solanaceous vegetable feta salad 3-cheese cruciferous plant pull-apart buns pasta-free spinach manicotti (gluten free) quesadillas five ways malawach high mallow pastries with dipping sauce alimentary paste squash dry ziti preserved bear cheese bites roasted aubergine parmesan with feta linguini lasagna salmon pasta salad pesto & mortal lay off crostini pesto pinwheels pizza omelette cheesy stuffed mini peppers eggplant rollatini veggie calzones sweet & savory cheese balls portobello pizza cheese lasagna chips with pizza hoummos banana tree nut european yogurt bowl artisan caramels (no corn syrup) 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biscotti legislative assembly (low/no carb) 3-cheese rollatini rose pie bunless fajita dogs “everything” london heat force pesto white-livered burger with fire roasted tomato jam harissa roasted chicken dulcorate lavender chicken with fruit tree salsa grilled chicken shawarma salad quinoa pad siamese 2-ingredient lazy meatballs nut-crusted shnitzel chicken shawarma grilled marinated chickenhearted pod chicken curry sweet pepper burgers spaghetti squash bolognese spice crusted chicken lemon & garlic whole roasted chicken zoodle shakshuka spaghetti squeeze shakshuka dry portobello shakshuka pizza omelette disorganised hard boiled eggs eggplant with tamarindus indica tahini & pistachio dukkah roasted eggplant parmesan with feta cooked eggplant parmesan portobello pizza broccoli parmesan poppers (gluten free) cheesy zoodle marinara pasta free prickly-seeded spinach manicotti spaghetti vegetable baked ziti cheesy stuffed mini peppers cauliflower nachos with harissa cheddar sauce summer tomato feta dish pesto summer squash white potato magic salmon miso vitreous tilapia Israeli style tuna salad pesto cooked river sea sea bass en papillote pan seared tuna steak fish with immature tahini spicy roasted edamame pumpkin herb souffle spinach white bean minestrone with zoodles lentil soup roasted veggie quinoa salad berry dip za’atar roasted chickpeas roast beet salsa butternut squash fries blueberry unmelted yogurt bites smoked paprika popcorn cauliflower herb roast turnips mushroom quinoa roasted brussel sprouts spaghetti squash with sauteed vegetable & mushrooms crunchy shriveled greenish beans green divinity salad dressing gingerbread truffles banana tree nut hellenic language yogurt bowl pepper crusted tuna sashimi parmesan roasted almonds (great sub for croutons) fish tacos with savory plantain tortillas dish burrito miscellaneous berry frozen yogurt verbalize barbecued chicken salad with jalapeno honey mustard dressing beet, moolah and goat cheese shakshuka hazelnut chocolate chip almond butter cookies (Paleo) spicy roasted carrot fries Paleo beverage muffins marzipan solar day truffles Mexishuka (Mexican quinoa shakshuka) hawaj-spiced cows over hummus reproductive structure salad with basil chromatic lime intermixture Hawaiian poke grain free granola Asian joker lettuce wraps DIPS, DRESSINGS & SPREADS pesto vinaigrette trio of sweet Challah dips homemade nutella cinnamon honey edible nut belligerent marcona almond pesto Israeli fashion anguilla sucklandii salad green goddess dish salad dressing persimmon guacamole chestnut hummus with Herbed pita chips homemade mayonnaise raspberry honey mustard pretzel dip cinnamon infused honey spinach, walnut & cheddar pesto honey mustard salad fertilisation edible Caesar salad dressing immature dip apple celery veggie dip sundried tomato olive tapenade mock sliced liver roasted seasoner hummus with pita chips dried reproductive structure chutney pizza hummus pineapple guacamole jalapeno honey indian mustard 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gefilte aquatic vertebrate patties in herbaceous plant sauce tuna salad with a twist homemade fish sticks breaded gefilte somebody patties salmonid cakes with lemon joke yogurt sauce gefilte fish 3 ways pepper crusted tuna sashimi coconut crusted fish tacos with mango salsa fish tacos two slipway with all the fixin’s Nish Nosh salmon how to form a fish board Hawaiian poke portobello tuna melts aliment shrimp and grits salmon en croute with creamed leeks MEAT full cabbage bolognese charoset london broil corndog hamantaschen sausage quiche veal fortified wine bolognese with turnip noodles beer and franks burnt beans with brown carbohydrate and syrup bunless fajita dogs brewage battered sausage chips with beer mustard hot dog eggrolls savory pomegranate tree roast with garlic & cipollini onions zucchini mechshie with tamarind tree and prunes tzimmes roast spiralized hand shovel dogs sweet & acidulated pineapple crockpot meatballs painless crockpot pulled BBQ beef spinach meat lasagna 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za’atar chicken with dried fruit summer rolls with spicy dipping sauce sticky ginger chicken control surface cherubic & acerbic ananas fearful broiled marinated chicken sweet american chicken chicken pot pie Passover croquettes eggplant rapt chicken peach and volaille salad spicy garlic white-livered turkey taco eggrolls turkey roulade with 5-minute stuffing chicken lollipops BBQ fearful & pineapple jalapeno pizza orange gallus gallus sculptor fried chicken nuggets burned chicken meatballs nut-crusted shnitzel leftover turkey pot pie chicken pastrami roulade minor volaille curry spice crusted chicken BBQ pulled chicken sammies sesame linguine with marinated chicken breasts relish & garlic whole roasted chicken Asian chicken salad one-on-one chicken pot pies curry chicken dish poultry breast with porthole fuddle reddish alter Gong boa chicken grilled chicken salad with chilli honey mustard dressing farro food grain bowl acorn squash racquets with turkey and wild rice concoction sheet pan chicken fajitas, 5 way inhabitant turkey lettuce wraps cranberry apple braised yellow-bellied SALADS & SALSAS season farmer’s market dish corn, holding tomato & goat discontinue dish with basil lime sauce vinaigrette grilled curly endive salad with black sesame conversion blueberry sweet potato granola dish with strawberry yogurt dressing pink salsa grilled chicken shawarma salad kale & kabocha squash salad with maple onion medical dressing winter caprese salad angel hair pasta dish cooked veggie quinoa salad rainbow cobb salad holiday dish with apple & honey dressing melon carpaccio spinach, haricots vert & aguacate dish with honey dressing watermelon corn salsa summer tomato feta salad kani caesar salad with nori croutons rainbow slaw with poppyseed dressing peach tree and fowl salad pico de gallo kani salad clams salad with persimmon and pomegranate uneggspected egg dish pomegranate tree coleslaw black quinoa salad with alliaceous plant flower stalk pesto and dried cherries 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honey cake with honey cream quit frosting and rainbow herbaceous plant chips etrog jelly savory pomegranate cut of meat with garlic & cipollini onions zucchini mechshie with tamarind and prunes Rosh Hashanah Simanim recipe roundup angel hair pasta simanim salad tzimmes roast cured kine arancini meat & sir tim rice stuffed baby eggplants beer braised brisket with veggie gravy holiday salad with apple & honey vinaigrette honey roasted za’atar chicken with dried fruit duchesse sweet potato apples cinnamon infused honey edible fruit & honey sharp-worded pomegranate slaw hot & sweet parsnips roasted beet salsa hasselback lovable potatoes with apples Bubby’s cabbage position with flanken couscous with thyme & honey roasted root vegetables Rosh Hashanah roast honey cake with caramelized apples simanim fritto misto with honey roasted garlic aioli sauce 8 International Succot menus stuffed lucre bolognese fish en croute with creamed leeks cranberry apple cooked poulet mini squash pies for a crowd Thanksgiving turkey meatballs with red alcoholic beverage shrub marinara Thanksgiving bibimbap pumpkin banana dish cranberry sriracha green beans sweet potato casserole pumpkin vine pot pie pecan pie cloth cookies with raspberry jam filling veggie ricotta pancakes with cranberry syrup chestnut hummus with Herbed pita chips turkey roulade with 5-minute intermixture hasselback cloying potatoes with apples unexpended turkey pot pie veggie crisp pumpkin whoopie pies unstuffed mushrooms Mexican hot chocolate pecan pie bush apple cooked white-livered mini pumpkin pies for a gathering salmon en croute with creamed leeks Hanukkah beer maltreated pumpkin rings with Greek yogurt dipping sauce poutine latkes zucchini parmesan chips pecan pie lace cookies with raspberry jam filling paper latkes with harissa sour cream cake cookies broccoli parmesan poppers with Greek yogurt ranch dip (gluten free) pumpkin cheese pancakes with cranberry sweetening butternut tree squash latkes (gluten free) 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