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My son masturbates me

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G., Thank goodness that I can write to you anonymously about my teenage son and his masturbation habits. In fact, he doesn't eat up a lot time in his room at all. Does my son person a problem that requires several type of treatment? You respect your son's feelings and your relation with him. You make it clear that your son's behavior in other areas of his life has not changed. I also concord that discussing this issue with a acquaintance who may be fifty-fifty the slightest bit casual could certainly be a major misstep. If your son is up to my neck in all areas of his being and is not focusing exclusively on porn and masturbation then it is remote that he is developing a sex addiction. If he seems comfortable with himself and is not showing signs of avoidance, confusion, and bad luck then I would guess that he is probably not experiencing these thought to any problematic extent. My higher cognitive process is NOT to introduce shame to this equation. Being a single Dad, I did not get a big good deal about it - acutally never mentioned it to him. We have had several "casual" conversations about sex and puberty. These topics are sure enough not easy for me to either talk or write about. His after-school time is mostly spent playing sports. Finally, talking with your husband and getting his insert was also an excellent idea. The rules of self-abuse and teenage boys have ne'er been intelligibly established. I believe that thither is no need, in your particular case, to address your son's behavior directly. Although, your husband may have seemed dismissive--his idea approximately departure a box of tissues in your son's room is actually not a bad idea. Rather than one hard strick conversation, we have ready-made the speech communication fun and accidental but stressing respect and smart choices. I would love to compare notes with my friends who have teenage sons but I am frightened to death that this information will leak to their sons and my son will end up acquiring teased. I treat my relationships with my kids with large indefinite amount respect and care. I am the female parent of a 15-year-old teenager and a 10-year-old boy. Recently, I have become alert that my teenage son has been masturbating several times per week. I'm not sure if I should address this as a question or not. He says that this behavior is perfectly natural and I quote--that I should "leave a box of tissues in the kid's room and leave him alone." He says that I should be glad that my son is a happy and healthy kid who is interested in his sexuality. It may indirectly send the message that you are heedful of your son's behavior and that you are responding to it in a casual and relaxed manner. As a mother, you may wealthy person some soreness with your son's change sexuality. It sounds to me like you are a cogitative and well-intentioned mother. Mother quality decided long ago that a young person can become sexual and have children starting around eleven life of age.

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Hello truly not sure how to handle this at all, my son has had an infection and really bad swelling in his member for nearly two weeks, had to go to a&e because of it and doctors , all over up back there yesterday because he's now got moniliasis caused by the antibiotics last night after his bath and him applying the cream I went back into his bedroom to tab on him and walked right in on him masturbating I was shocked and he cried and sentiment I was going to shout at him, I asked him how long he's organism doing it and he said two weeks, me in combat said its no astonishment your willy is sore at the moment which I now know wasn't the true matter to say to him. Me and his dad aren't together any longer and he can't comment to his dad about anything which I expect is very sad I always seem to be the middle man and have to tell him happening around our son. Is there any good books we could look at together to talk around it , do I got my partner of 6 years to have a little chat with him ??

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Inn if my son masturbates to me? | Is It Normal? |

Last night i woke and my son has activity next to my bed masturbating. I asked what he was doing and he said that he thought i was very attractive and hes glad to have me as a mother. I conveyed him to his room and havent talked to him about it yet.
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